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February 2014

We hope everyone who has visited the Nation Ford Greenway trail at Springfield on AO Jones Blvd., enjoyed their time on the trail. There are sections that are easy and other areas can be challenging. Please be aware that at the end of the Springfield Trail is a private road - do not venture past the end of the trail.

This Nation Ford Greenway trail is always new when I visit at different times of the year. Be sure to bring lots of water, a hat; and a walking stick is a good idea. The Springfield Trail section is 4.25 miles round trip

The Springfield Trail starting at AO Jones Blvd in Fort Mill, is a beautiful 2.5 mile trail running along the Sugar Creek. Please come out and enjoy the last part of summer for a great hike or mountain bike day in the woods. Unplug from the hassles of your day, and enjoy nature!! Use bug spray.

This trail section connects with the existing Springfield Trail. The trail runs northward along the Sugar Creek up to the Regent Parkway bridge, that crosses over Sugar Creek into Lancaster County. Our new suspension bridge will be opening the first of April . A local Boy Scout will be constructing a portion of the trail from the bridge to the existing trail at Sugar creek. This will be his Eagle Scout project and should be completed by March 31.

If you would like to be put on our email mailing list please contact us at E-mail: Outdoors@NationFordGreenway.com. For current updates, look at Nation Ford Greenway on Facebook.

Happy Hiking and Biking!!

Beth Chuck
Project Coordinator

The Springfield Trail Head and Parking is at A.O. Jones Blvd., Fort Mill, SC across from the stadium at the Nation Ford High School.

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"Trail to discovery - Hiking, biking along 2 miles of greenway just around the corner.

FORT MILL -- The rippling cadence of Sugar Creek. Granite boulders that provided camouflage for Catawba Indian hunting expeditions hundreds of years ago. A whole family of deer loping across the trail."

You can read the full story online at: http://www.heraldonline.com/109/story/77506.html


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